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Procedures and Protocols

Procedures and Protocols

We are developing a library of procedures and protocols for the new concepts of “Online Learning” and “Learning from Home”. For most, this will be a completely new way of teaching and learning, and these documents are being developed in order to assist parents and students.

Year 7 to 12 Learning from home

Student online learning handbook


Batemans Bay High School phone procedures include a partnership with Yondr.

Yondr is currently used across the world in hundreds of classrooms and schools, at concerts, comedy shows, weddings and special events of all kinds. 

Our partnership with Yondr will make our school a phone free space where our students will be focused on their learning and positive engagement with their peers.

We want to assure our families that you can reach your child via the front office on 02 4478 3600. 

Mobile Phone Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Contract

Link to Yondr

Mobile Phone Exemption Request